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20221219 Lunch box 文字檔



發布於 2021-12-20
New Yilan Hot Springs

Brrrrrrrurrr! Winter is here!

Some people don't like winter, but I do… because that's my favorite time to
go to hot springs!

And, I have good news. A new hot spring area has opened in a park in Yilan.

Yilan is famous for hot springs. This hot spring area is really nice! It's
called the Qing Shui Springs or in Chinese.

The Qing Shui Springs has 8 pools, 4 for boys and men, and 4 for girls and
women… and each pool can fit 100 people!

There is also a hot spring pool you can cook food in… and another you can
soak your feet in. Ahhh… nice!

Hot springs use hot water that comes from deep underground. The water has
minerals in it that can be good for your health.

Hot spring water is special. You can only find it in some places in Taiwan,
and Yilan is one of the best spots!
What's better than a nice, hot bath on a cold day? Ha... Nothing!

Sit back, relax, soak in the water, cook a few eggs, and feel happy and
healthy! Ohhh yeahhh!
I think I'll go to Qing Shui Springs this weekend!


1. Winter 冬天。
Winter in Taipei is not much different from other seasons.
Because there's no snow. 因為不下雪。
Right. Snow in winter changes everything. 對,冬天下雪會改變一切。

2. Hot spring 溫泉。
Don't you just want to soak in a hot spring? 你不會很想泡湯嗎?
I do. Let's go to Yangmingshan. 想啊,我們上陽明山吧。
They have nice hot springs there. 那兒有很好的溫泉。

3. Spot 地點。
Yangmingshan is a good spot. 陽明山是個好地點。
It's also close to Taipei city. 距離台北市也很近。

4. Soak 浸泡。
I got chocolate on my dress! 我把巧克力弄到洋裝上了。
Just soak it in water. 就把它浸泡在水裡。
Then use some soap. 然後用一點肥皂。

Do you like soaking in hot water? 來一起讀單字。
winter 冬天
hot spring 溫泉
spot 地點
soak 浸泡


1. What place in the story is famous for hot springs?
A: Pingtung
B: Italy
C: Yilan

2. What's the name of the park's hot spring area?
A: Qing Shui Springs (清水地熱公園)
B: The Taipei Zoo Hot Spring Park (臺北動物園地熱公園)
C: The Hakka Hot Spring Park (客家文化地熱公園)

3. What can you do at the hot spring park?
A: See fish and play on jet skis!
B: Take a bath and cook food in hot spring water!
C: Go roller-skating and rock climbing!

1. C
2. A
3. B

20221205 lunch box 文字檔



Meteorite Almost Hits Woman While Crashing to Earth

Argh! Okay, okay, stop! That is not a pleasant way to wake up.

But do you know an even worse way to wake up? A giant rock falling into your
bed! 有人睡覺時被砸下來的石頭嚇醒!

Yep, that is something that has really happened! A woman named Ruth in Canada
was woken up one day when a large rock fell through her roof, and landed
right in her bed.

Ruth didn't know right away what happened. She woke up and saw there was a
hole in her ceiling, and a lot of dust on her face.

But when she looked around, she saw there was a rock between her pillows.

The rock weighed 2.8 pounds, and was about the size of a small cabbage.

And guess what else? It came from space!

A smart scientist found out that the rock was part of a meteor shower that
had passed by.

Ruth is keeping the rock for now. And experts say if she wants to sell it in
the future, she could probably make a lot of money!

Wow, that sounds great. But I think I would still rather not have space rocks
falling into my home!


1. Rock 石頭。
A rock fell into the woman's bed! 一顆石頭掉在那個女子的床上!
Isn't that the strangest thing? 這真是最奇怪的事了。
There must be an earthquake. 一定是有地震。

2. Wake up 醒來。
There's no earthquake. 沒有地震。
The woman woke up when the rock hit her bed. 女子在石頭砸到床上的時候醒來。
That's a bad way to wake up! 那樣子驚醒真糟糕。

3. Look around 看一看四周。
Look around and tell me what you see. 你四周看看,然後告訴我你看到什麼。
Lots of trees and rocks? 很多樹木跟石頭嗎?
No, look again. 不對,你再看。

4. Fall 落下。
Something is falling from the sky! 有東西從天上掉下來!
It's snow! Ha ha, it's snow! 是雪,是在下雪!

So how do you like to wake up in the morning?
rock 石頭
wake up 醒來
look around 看一看四周
fall 掉下來


1. What fell through Ruth's roof?
a. An apple
b. A rock
c. A bird

2. Where did the rock land?
a. In Ruth's bed
b. In Ruth's toilet
c. In Ruth's kitchen sink

3. Where did the rock come from?
a. The neighbor's house
b. Outer space
c. Her attic

1. B
2. A
3. B

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四年級下學期 111

BOOK3 review wordwall 

phonics review wordwall   

silent e word order

Unit 1 單字wordwall01  單字wordwall02

Unit 2 單字wordwall  be verb    QR code sentence sentence quizizz

Review 1 kahoot quizizz

there is an alligator under my bed wordwall01 wordwall02 

how are you peeling wordwall 01  wordwall hw 

U3 quizizz HW quizizz grammar

U3 group sort vocabulary  點餐影片 01  02 點餐 票選表單

U4 vocab guessing game  wordwall01 wordwall02  



Grade 4  四年級上學期


Wonder World 2 單字複習

Wonder World 3 wordwall遊戲

Weather: 單字介紹 01  02  Kid weather forecast 01  02   03 

weather in Taiwan picture: 01 02

WW3 Unit 2 : number 1-20 song  number 1-20 listening telling time picture 2

                       time song 01  time song 02  telling time 03 ppt

                       time listening comprehension 


WW3 Unit 3: Book 1 review wordwall   vocabulary practice    


繪本:What's the Time, Mr. Wolf? wordwall01 song01 time 01

Phonics: silent e  silent e 2  i sound  silent e-2  hartmann-O  O-story 

U4 vovabulary wordwall image hangman


英語日  01

Christmas Carol  quizizz blooket


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1110613 英語廣播~精選畢業歌曲


Elementary School Graduation Songs

Graduating from elementary school is a major milestone. Graduation marks the end of one chapter of your life and the start of an exciting new one. Children are becoming pre-teens and are about to start a new chapter in their lives. While you're so looking forward to the journey ahead, saying goodbye to the friends and teachers who have been by your side the past six years isn't easy. The graduation ceremony is an occasion to have fun and to look back on the memories the children created together by playing these graduation songs.



l  Fly – Avril Lavigne

The first song we are going to play is “Fly” by Avril Lavigne.

“Fly” is an inspirational song about spreading one’s wings and flying. We think the song is a beautiful metaphor for growing up.




l  The Climb- Miley Cyrus

The second song on our list is sung by famous singer and artist Miley Cyrus. After graduation, you’ll face plenty of challenges once you're out in the real world. This song is the best to play on your graduation day because it will give a motivational feeling to your friends and tell them how to take a stand in life.

小學畢業後進入另一個階段,會面臨很多挑戰。美國女歌手兼演員的Miley Cyrus演唱的《the climb》就是關於在一個充滿挑戰的新世界探索時,要保持堅強的歌曲,並給你一種激勵的感覺,知道如何在生活中站穩腳跟。



l  See You Again – Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth

<music first> Are you familiar with this song? That’s right! “See You Again”

It’s the soundtrack of the film Furious 7 and sung by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth.

Grab your tissues because graduation is an emotional ride. After graduation, everyone sets off on their own journeys. Your friends might go off to a new school to a different class. It will be sad that you won't get to see them as often as you're used to.

是否覺得這首歌很熟悉呢? 沒錯,就是電影玩命關頭7的主題曲 “See You Again”

畢業後,每個人都開始了自己的旅程。你的朋友們可能會去不同的學校或班級,是否會有點傷心你不會像以前那樣經常見到他們了呢? 讓我們一起來欣賞這首歌吧!

l   FlashlightJessie J

Next one is a song saying that someone special helps her get through the hard times.

It’sFlashlightby Jessie J

下一首要播放的歌曲是關於當自己面對未來未知的恐懼,朋友在身邊支持的心情,就像是一道光,照亮前面的路。快要畢業的六年級是否也有這樣美好的朋友情感呢?讓我們一起來聽Jessie J的《Flashlight》吧!


l  Best day of my Life by American Authors

Graduation is not sad all the time. You can also feel joyful and happy because you are going to start a new stage and to fulfill your dreams of life. So, the last song we are going to play is a joyful song “Best day of my Life” by American Authors. Hope it’s really your best day of your life!

畢業並不總是悲傷。你也會感到快樂和幸福,因為即將開始一個新的階段並實現夢想。 所以,我們要播放的最後一首歌,是首歡快的歌曲,由American Authors 團體所演唱的“Best day of my Life” 希望這是你一生中最美好的一天!


hope you like today's graduation songs. wish all the six graders a happy graduation! Best of luck on your new beginnings! 希望你喜歡今天的畢業歌曲。 祝福所有六年級學生畢業快樂!

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1101206英語廣播 English covered songs


English Radio 1206: English covered songs



Ben: Wow. Is that Disney songs? It sounds special, but it’s great.

Rebecca: 對阿,這是台灣原住民小朋友組成的希望兒童合唱團和阿妹張惠妹,為了迪士尼在台灣推出的新平台Disney+所合唱的歌曲。 They sing so well. This is the first time I heard A-mei sings English songs. A-mei is amazing.

Ben: I love A-mei too. Her pronunciation might not be perfect, but her voice is absolutely wonderful.

Rebecca: Speaking of A-mei covered English song, do you know other singer covered English songs?

Ben: Sure. 很多歌手都會翻唱英語歌。Let me introduce you 周深,a Chinese singer. He also has a beautiful voice. He covered Katy Sky’s “Monster” few years ago. 幾年前他翻唱的“Monster”和原唱的感覺不同,但是都能鼓舞人心呢!

Rebecca: Let’s hear the song.


Rebecca: Oh, it’s really inspiring. I know another covered song that is classic, “Hey, Jude.”

Ben: “Hey, Jude”? The Beatles? 披頭四嗎? I know the song. It’s old. It’s like, my grandpa’s song.

Rebecca: But it’s classic, and never out of fashion. I want to introduce you the covered version by 孫燕姿, a Singapore singer

Ben: OK. Let’s hear.


Rebecca: How do you feel?

Ben: I don’t like it.

Rebecca: What?

Ben: I love it! It’s quite catchy. I can sing together: Na na na na na na na~

Ben & Rebecca: Hey, Jude~

Ben & Rebecca: This is for today. 本次節目由504 吳苡薰 陳永鑫 錄製播出。

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1110516 廣播影片檔


1110519 Song of names


Good morning everyone~


What’s your name?

Do you think your name is special? Is it special enough to put into the song?


你叫什麼名字呢?” 你覺得你的名字特別嗎? 有特別到可以寫進歌裡嗎?

You know, there are definetly some names that are so popular that song writers love to put them into songs.

Let’s check the classic one, and see if you can tell me what name you heard?





Yes, it’s “Billie Jean” from Michael Jackson. Let’s listen again, see if you can catch the name, Billie Jean.


是的! 第一手就是Michael Jackson "Billie Jean". 我們再聽一次,看看你能不能再Michaell Jackson特殊的唱腔中,辨認出來"Billie Jean"!


Okay, here’s the second one. Listen carefully! Here we go~


好的~ 接下來 我們來聽第二手囉!!! 仔細聽,我們要開始囉!


Did you catch the name? It starts right at the beginning! Let’s listen again!


發現了嗎? 就在一開始的地方,再讓你聽一次!!


Yes, it’ the boy’s name “ Stephen”, and the title of the song is “Hey Stephen” from Taylors Swift!


! 這次是男生的名字stephen, 而這首歌是由taylors swift 所演唱的“Hey Stephen”,你聽出來了嗎


After listening to those two songs with names, here I’m going to present you the the song that includes the most names you know. Listen carefully and tell me how many names you catch!




OK, here’s today’s program. Everyone, beware to wear masks and wash hands often, eat healthy and don’t forget to exercise, may everybody stay healthy! Bye~